Feb 14

PORTRAIT : Entrepreneur Portrait – Sebastien Vanackere founder of AreUout

by Aurélien COTTET for The American Clubs (TAC) – February, 14th – 2015


Sebastien Vanackere (SV) is a Digital Entrepreneur who grew up in Paris and has lived 7 years in the USA and 2 years in Spain before coming back in France.


Feb 14

PORTRAIT : Nicolas Choisnel is probably the only American mayor of a French village

by Aurélien COTTET for The American Clubs (TAC) – January, 25th – 2015

le-maire-nicolas-choisnelNicolas Choisnel (NC) was re-elected last year as Mayor of the French village Moncrabeau (http://www.mairie-moncrabeau.fr ), located in the Aquitaine region between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Mr. Choisnel is unique as he is American and quite probably the only American mayor of a French village.


Jan 18

Entrepreneur Portrait – William Kirtley the founder of Invest 4 Justice

Wiliam Kirtley

William Kirtley (WK) is a Franco-American lawyer who is admitted to the Paris, New York and Washington, D.C. bars, with a decade of experience in international arbitration, arbitration-related litigation and public international law.

He just launched the first peer-to-peer litigation crowd funding network. (www.invest4justice.com)

TAC : William, before talking about your great idea, please tell us more about your background and experiences in the US, France and also Africa ?


Jan 14

Tax Preparation for US expatriates


Dec 22

Trista Bridges : a very specific insight into the European start-ups world

Today, for “Straight from the US” (the first program in English by Widoobiz), Aurelien Cottet, founder of The American Clubs, hosts Trista Bridges. Mrs. Bridges is a woman with many talents: from writing articles about entrepreneurs to running her consulting firm, Vizane, that helps companies grow faster internationally.

After completing a MBA from Kellogg, she moved in London to work for a consulting firm that had her travelling all around the world…until she crossed the Channel to install herself in Paris to become the President of Vizane. She is also one of the co-founders of Rude Baguette, the Blog in English about French Startups.

She will discuss with us today how she helps European companies surmount the challenges needed to enter international markets, not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world.

Listen and discover her experiences as a consultant in a very complex market. Her work as both a consultant and a journalist gives her a very specific insight into the European start-ups world.

Dec 16

“Collection 10 Ways” by Apollonia Poilâne

Apollonia Poilâne by BaudouinApollonia Poilane is the third generation to run the famous French Bakery, Poilane. For the release of her new cookbook series, she will tell us more about herself, her American heritage…and her new books.

Poilane is probably the bread equivalent to what Apple is to high-tech objects. Tell us more about this legacy -how did it start and grow until now ?

That is quite a compliment !

Poilâne was started by my grandfather, Pierre Poilâne, in 1932 in the heart of Paris’s St Germain des Prés district.


Dec 08

Sarah Adeel a young talented Pakistani woman who started LettuceBeeKids

sarahAdeelSarah Adeel from Islamabad is a young talented Pakistani woman who started LettuceBeeKids, a self-sustaining entrepreneurial solutions to reintegrate street-children back into society through art therapy sessions and exhibitions.
Sarah is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, where she was the recipient of the Award of Excellence. Today, she is currently following the new MBA program “Ignite – Social Innovation Management” in Paris co-managed by Stanford Business School and the famous French Engineering School Polytechnique

MORE to read (click)

Nov 22

START-UP : Roger that: the Franco–American roots of Olivier Jeannel’s RogerVoice

olivierJEANNEL bwRogerVoice is the first worldwide phone application of its kind for the deaf and hard of hearing. Capable of transcribing any phone conversation with live subtitles on the screen by using VoIP technology and voice recognition, the application promises to be easy to use, accessible in several languages, and most of all opens a world of possibilities for those that cannot hear on the phone. None of this would have come to life without UC Berkeley graduate Olivier Jeannel and his partners, Sidney Burks and Pablo Seuc-Rocher. An inside look at how this team’s American schooling, combined with a French touch, is creating big results.


Nov 16

Sébastien IMBERT, behind the Digital Marketing Strategy of Microsoft France

Today, for “Straight from the US” (the first program in English by Widoobiz), Aurelien Cottet, founder of The American Clubs, hosts Sébastien Imbert. Mr. Imbert is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

After his studies in France, including a year spent abroad at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, he began his career in one of the most international American companies in the world; Microsoft.

He will reveal to us that his passion for the digital world didn’t come from his year in the US, but in France at one of the best schools teaching digital technology in the world. He will also share his amazing career path: from an On-line Marketing Specialist to the Chief Digital Marketing Officer.

Listen to and discover his experiences as the person behind the Digital Marketing Strategy of Microsoft France and enjoy his insight into what we can expect from digital technology in tomorrow’s world.

Nov 10


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